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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Music Videos I've Seen Recently

"Hollaback Girl" Gwen Stefani- I become more and more fearful everyday that Ms.Stefani's current efforts in 'music' will become so irritating as to overpower all my No Doubt love. Don't do that to me, Gwen. Anyway, "Hollaback Girl" features a drum cadence that's all kinds of kick ass, and the rest of it, I can totally leave. It seems like the reason No Doubt went their seperate ways was so Gwen Stefani could make pre-packaged, mediocre pop music with videos featuring slightly creepy little japenese girls and herself in a confusing and often disturbing array of costumes. The majorette "outfit"? Yeah, not digging it. Anyway, this song makes no sense to me (especially the "this shit is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!" breakdown, wtf?) but is evidently widely popular. Oh well. That's why there's a mute button.

"Beverly Hills" Weezer- I have to say, there's almost nothing wrong with any video that pairs the supreme geek of all rock and roll (Rivers Cuomo) with Playboy Playmates. Aside from a somewhat fuzzy plotline, I think this is a cute video that fits the song really well, actually. Also, I'm guessing here, but I'm pretty sure there's cameos from Molly Shannon (of SNL fame) and Jessica Coen (Foxy Jess of, if you don't know it, you should. She's also been on VH1 a few times.) Anyway, Weezer rarely disappoints and that's the case again here. That'll do, boys. That'll do.

"Ass Like That" Eminem - Ok, aside from this song bringing up memories of a certain first date for me (not as bad as it sounds, I promise) it's funny, and I like Eminem when he's funny. Aside from plenty of female posterior, the majority of the video is a giant Triumph the Insult Dog/ Crank Yankers shout out. As in, Triumph the insult dog gets as much or more screen time than Em, and the Crank Yankers puppet shop was obviously heavily involved in this. Anyway, it's good. Thumbs up.

(note to self: it's not as funny to review videos you like)

Next Installment: Fuck if I know, it'll happen when it happens.


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