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Sunday, May 29, 2005

More Music Videos

"All That I've Got" The Used - One of the latest bands in the pop culture rush to capitalize on middle schooler's angst is The Used. The video is not bad as a purely visual entity, aside from the shots of the band themselves. Seriously y'all? Not attractive. Not even close. Nice story line though, consistent from beginning to end, and satisfying in a "short attention span theater" sort of way. The song, well, I fear the hatred of contemporary "punk" bands, but I'm not down. All the songs in this genre sound incredibly cookie cutter and emotionally manipulative in a not quite literate way. Like a depressed 14 year old with a "wallowing in self pity" magnetic poetry set. So, in short, turn the volume off and enjoy. When the lead singer's ugly mug isn't seeking your empathy.

"Lonely No More" Rob Thomas - Alright, I liked Matchbox 20. Yeah, all my friends who are into "real music" are gonna crucify me, but I did. (Also went to a Spice Girls concert, but that's another story for another day.) I do not like the singular Rob Thomas. This song sounds like something Ricky Martin should be singing. Catchy, easy to sing along with, but bland in an odd way that's similar to the blandness of Easy Mac. It works, but it doesn't work well. You know it's not the real thing. The video itself features Mr.Thomas attempting to look like Justin Timberlake and the same apartment that folded up in the Motorola Razr commercial set on "random". It makes me dizzy to watch, and the song makes me bored to hear. So, bad Rob Thomas! No milkbone for you or your manager.

On a side note, I'm developing a serious girl cruch on Juliya from FUSE. That is a fine ass woman, people.


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