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Saturday, April 30, 2005


So yeah, I know this movie has been out for a while, but whatever, I like it so you get to hear about it.

Basic plot: Boy gets dumped by chronically cheating girlfriend, sends kiss off note to his presumably male german pen pal. Finds out that german pen pal is actually a hot chick, goes on last minute trip to Germany with wacky friend, in the process meeting up with two more of their friends. Gets girl, everyone's happy, end of movie.

So, not exactly Shakespeare. The movie definately has some high points, one of my favorite is the best Matt Damon cameo EVER as the lead singer of a punk band who wrote an ode to the ex girlfriend of Scotty (main character) called "Scotty Doesn't Know" which is incredibly easy to get stuck in your head. Also, the part of Jenny as played by Michelle Trachtenburg shatters my previous mental association of her, i.e "That girl who was in Harriet the Spy and Pete and Pete, right?". The robot battle in Paris is also great, as is the "International House of Sausage", if you have a strong stomach and a brave eye. Yes, the plot devices are contrived, yes, the Europeon stereotypes abound, and frankly, to my eye, Mieke (girl Scotty is persuing in Germany) is not all that smoking hot as the guys make her out to be. But what do I know, I'm a girl. There are some great cameos, Matt Damon, Lucy Lawless (Xena), Fred Armesan (SNL guy, you'll know him when you see him), Vinne Jones, and Jeffery Tambor, who most of you probably don't know but oh well. This movie is great for the throw-away lines, a very realistic approach to high school friend ship (especially male/female friendships. "No, I mean like GIRL girls." yeah, I've heard that one before...), and managing to be funny without seeming like it's trying too hard or being the painful kind of "I can't watch this or I'LL die of embarassment" kind of uncomfortable. And hey, my mom loves it too, so you know it's got appeal beyond your average teen gross out movie.

On a scale of 1-5 bathroom breaks (how many times you'd voluntarily get up and leave the room during the film) I give this a 2.5, there's some lag spots, but overall, pretty funny and easy to watch.


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