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It's the only description the greater galaxy deemed necessary to sum up the planet Earth, it'll do well enough for this.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Hawthorne Heights and Gorillaz

"Ohio is for Lovers" Hawthorne Heights- This video centers on a decrepit house, spiders and creepy "The Shining"-esque little girl included. The little girl seems to turn into a young woman's... shadow? I think this was once a fully developed "plot" (because I am an optimist) which suffered in editing. So we instead get gratuitous shots of the band in all their depressed longing. I don't like this song, or genre (see The Used), but in particular, the lyrics here ar so smack you in the face obvious that it's almost insulting to the listener. "So cut my wrists and black my eyes/ So I can fall asleep. Or die" yeah, not subtle at all. This is a more personal pet peeve, but the whole "____ is for Lovers" trend totally bugs me. I grew up in the DC Metro area (in Maryland) and the slogan is "Virginia is for Lovers". Now, some 10 years later, the phrase bas been adopted by every punk/emo band out there and it REALLY grates my nerves for some reason. Anyway, crappy boring video, annoyingly expository song, hella annoying title. I say good day to you, Hawthorne Heights.

"Feel Good Inc." Gorillaz- Ok, I love this video and song, so this will most likely be all kinds of biased. Tought, my blog, not yours. In the Gorillaz cartoon world, we come upon a room suffering what looks like the after effects of a post concert party. The singer looks all depressed, the bass player is lying in a pile of women (cause us bass players are sexy like that), and the drummer is at the drums, ready to play. This may seem odd to most people, but I know many percussionists, and it's totally on. The video seems to chronicle the Don Quixote-like obsession with a windmill expressed by the singer. The verses by De La Soul are very good, and a nice counterpoint in mood and style. The song overall is very catchy, when it was in the iPod commercial I loved it, and I love it still. The video is good visually, and fits the mood of the song well. Another great Gorillaz video and song. Woo!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

More Music Videos

"All That I've Got" The Used - One of the latest bands in the pop culture rush to capitalize on middle schooler's angst is The Used. The video is not bad as a purely visual entity, aside from the shots of the band themselves. Seriously y'all? Not attractive. Not even close. Nice story line though, consistent from beginning to end, and satisfying in a "short attention span theater" sort of way. The song, well, I fear the hatred of contemporary "punk" bands, but I'm not down. All the songs in this genre sound incredibly cookie cutter and emotionally manipulative in a not quite literate way. Like a depressed 14 year old with a "wallowing in self pity" magnetic poetry set. So, in short, turn the volume off and enjoy. When the lead singer's ugly mug isn't seeking your empathy.

"Lonely No More" Rob Thomas - Alright, I liked Matchbox 20. Yeah, all my friends who are into "real music" are gonna crucify me, but I did. (Also went to a Spice Girls concert, but that's another story for another day.) I do not like the singular Rob Thomas. This song sounds like something Ricky Martin should be singing. Catchy, easy to sing along with, but bland in an odd way that's similar to the blandness of Easy Mac. It works, but it doesn't work well. You know it's not the real thing. The video itself features Mr.Thomas attempting to look like Justin Timberlake and the same apartment that folded up in the Motorola Razr commercial set on "random". It makes me dizzy to watch, and the song makes me bored to hear. So, bad Rob Thomas! No milkbone for you or your manager.

On a side note, I'm developing a serious girl cruch on Juliya from FUSE. That is a fine ass woman, people.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Music Videos I've Seen Recently

"Hollaback Girl" Gwen Stefani- I become more and more fearful everyday that Ms.Stefani's current efforts in 'music' will become so irritating as to overpower all my No Doubt love. Don't do that to me, Gwen. Anyway, "Hollaback Girl" features a drum cadence that's all kinds of kick ass, and the rest of it, I can totally leave. It seems like the reason No Doubt went their seperate ways was so Gwen Stefani could make pre-packaged, mediocre pop music with videos featuring slightly creepy little japenese girls and herself in a confusing and often disturbing array of costumes. The majorette "outfit"? Yeah, not digging it. Anyway, this song makes no sense to me (especially the "this shit is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!" breakdown, wtf?) but is evidently widely popular. Oh well. That's why there's a mute button.

"Beverly Hills" Weezer- I have to say, there's almost nothing wrong with any video that pairs the supreme geek of all rock and roll (Rivers Cuomo) with Playboy Playmates. Aside from a somewhat fuzzy plotline, I think this is a cute video that fits the song really well, actually. Also, I'm guessing here, but I'm pretty sure there's cameos from Molly Shannon (of SNL fame) and Jessica Coen (Foxy Jess of, if you don't know it, you should. She's also been on VH1 a few times.) Anyway, Weezer rarely disappoints and that's the case again here. That'll do, boys. That'll do.

"Ass Like That" Eminem - Ok, aside from this song bringing up memories of a certain first date for me (not as bad as it sounds, I promise) it's funny, and I like Eminem when he's funny. Aside from plenty of female posterior, the majority of the video is a giant Triumph the Insult Dog/ Crank Yankers shout out. As in, Triumph the insult dog gets as much or more screen time than Em, and the Crank Yankers puppet shop was obviously heavily involved in this. Anyway, it's good. Thumbs up.

(note to self: it's not as funny to review videos you like)

Next Installment: Fuck if I know, it'll happen when it happens.