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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Political Rant, read at your own risk

So, I've been semi-keeping up with the news on the Terry Schiavo case (woman in Florida, brain dead for 15 years, parents want her to remain on a feeding tube, husband wants to let her die in peace, parents are winning so far). The latest installment here is that the Legislature has been called back into session to pass a measure in order to have Terry's feeding tube reattached so she can continue her full and prosperous life as the human equivalent of a paper weight. Now, I'm apparently leaning a little to the left on most cases, but the people pressing to get this measure passed are Republicans. I thought that a huge tenent of the Republican and/or conservative philosophy was the LACK of government involvement in day to day life of the citizens. However, as long as I'mon the topic of hypocritcal messages from the right wing, the whole abortion issue is also a step in the direction of more government control over peoples lives versus less. That is a very incendiary issue, so I will back off of it for the moment, suffice to say that you can have control over your own life and body, unless you are a woman, and then the government apparently gets to step in and tell you what to do. Right now though, I feel for Mr.Schiavo, Terry's husband, because I know that if a loved one of mine were in the same situation, I would rather see them die peacefully instead of lingering on for years and years in a persistant vegatative state. I mean, who is president Bush to talk about the sanctity of life when you look at the death penalty record of Texas while he was govenor? I'm sorry if I seem a bit cynical, but to me, this administration is exercising all the power they can to impose more government control and less privacy in the day to day lives of the American public, whom they have apparently deemed unfit to make these decisions for themselves. Personally, I take offense not at the politics present here, but at the overwhelming sense of entitlement this particular administration sees fit to bestow upon themselves.

*Note: I am a registered independent with noted leanings to the left. However, if you are going to argue that Bush is being consistent in his overall political actions, all I have to say is, you're either illiterate or suffering from some form of short term memory loss. This has nothing to do with personal politics and everything to do with the man's utterly bewildering and unpredictable swings in political rhetoric.


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