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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


So, I woke up this morning (and was quite unhappy to do so) when I saw a yellow sticky note on the inside of the door from my roommate, who is still sleeping. Sticky note says "Genny - Someone took the board away??" and indicated that she had come back around 4am. I opened up my door and, sure enough, the wipe-board which had been stuck to the outside of the door had violently been ripped off.

So, I've got the crime, I've got a time window (2am when the roommate left to go practice and 4am when she got back) but no motive. Everyone on the floor has a wipeboard on their door, it's how we communicate when we're lazy. Yeah, mine looked a little cooler I guess, but still. And aside from that WHO THE FUCK STEALS SOMEONE'S WIPE-BOARD?!? I mean, Jesus I guess you can argue crime of oppurtunity but what the hell? Why would anyone think that was a valid idea and carry it out? It's someone elses property, buy your own at the bookstore for a 10 spot like everyone else. It's not cute, it's not funny, and if it's not back by tonight I'm taking the matter to security. That could get fun, since I doubt it's anyone who actually lives in my RC because a.) why wait till now, I've had the board all year and b.) if waiting until now, why not wait one more night until I fly home and there's not really a chance of having the time pin-pointed?

Anyway, so that's bascially my big aggravation for today. I mean, yeah, it's just a wipe-board, but does that mean it's right? Stealing shit is not the fault of the person it was stolen from, but the fault of the person doing the stealing no matter what the situation is. So anyone about to tell me it's my fault for putting it on the outside of my door can kiss my ass, because I did not put a big ass sign out there that said "free to all takers" and no one else got theirs stolen from the outside of their door. Alright, I need to go do other things now. And stop thinking about this. GRRR!


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