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Friday, March 25, 2005

Easter Greetings

As Holy Week here winds down towards Easter, so fond thoughts of large, candy distributing rabbits and Cadbury eggs (love!) fill our minds. As a lasped Catholic, I of course have many fond memories of Easter and it's yearly festivities, including the performance of the "Stations of the Cross" known to all catholic school children. (Think of it as a very VERY low budget and less emotionally manipulative or anti-semitic version of "The Passion") This year, however, I will be spending my first easter away from my family and in the prescence of alternate companies. I suspect this means I don't get an easter basket, which does make me unhappy, god knows I love a good, solid affirmation that I WILL be eating my way to adult-onset diabetes while I'm at college. That's a joke, sort of. Anyway, as I'm forgoing both the sugar rush and the tree climbing associated with Easter at home this year (ruthlessly competitive egg hunt, it's so much more fun to be a hider than a seeker) I suspect that Maryland will be experiencing actual nice weather for easter instead of the usual gray, rainy disgustingness we all associate so much with Easter. Also means I might not have someone attempting to guilt me into attending church for my usual one appearance a year or so. Personal boycott you know, I'll start going once they start telling me I'm a sinner for holding my own opinions and all. Oh, and stop touching children, that'd be nice too. Anyway, we'll see how things go, I hope everyone gets what they want in their easter basket or passover stocking or whatever you'll be getting this weekend.


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