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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Birth Control Pills

Got your attention? Well, I hope I can keep it. Four states and some major perscription retailers are moving towards measures that would allow pharmacists to refuse to fill perscriptions for birth control pills if the pharamcists "morally object" to filling the perscription. Now, frankly, I don't care where you stand on the issue of reproductive rights, this is not a reproductive rights issue, this is an "it's none of their goddamn business" issue. To me, this is like a cashier at the Publix refusing to sell me white bread because they're on the Atkins diet. I respect that they're on a diet and aren't eating the completely refined, totally bad for you white bread that I favor, but it's their job to sell it to me, not deliver a sermon on the evils of carbohydrates. Same deal with the pharmacists, it's their JOB to fill PERSCRIPTIONS not make completely baseless and insulting assumptions about one's character or intentions and refuse to fill the perscriptions for those baseless and insulting reasons. I have been on birth control pills since I was 14. Why? Because every month I get cramps so bad it's like I'm in false labor and my mom was tired of me missing school due to uncontrollable, incredibly painful and debilitating muscle contractions. I know other women who have gone on birth control for similar reasons, without the promise of free and easy sex figuring into the equation anywhere. And then there's the lovely instances of pharmacists refusing to fill perscriptions for Plan B, which IS NOT an abortion pill, but a CONTRACEPTIVE. I won't go too deep into the science here, but it doesn't abort an implanted zygote, it prevents the egg from implanting and beginning the wonderful process of pregnancy. If the egg is not implanted, you are not pregnant, period. If there is no pregnancy, there is no human to be had, and it is therefore not ending a human life. There, I said it. Prove me wrong people.

But this is an issue that should not even get into the issue of when life begins or when it doesn't, because it's as simple as this: if you know that you don't want to fill certain perscriptions, don't become a pharmacist. If you don't want to do your job, find another job that fits with your moral sensibilities. Because as long as we continue down this path, I will be lectured on my refined sugar intake everytime I go to the grocery store, and I'm waiting for doctors to refuse to perform vasectomies because of the potential loss of life. I'd prefer to keep my private life private, thank you.


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